Home Organizing


4 Sessions:

  • 12 hours of in-home organizing
  • $810
    • 10% discount
    • Save  $90

8 Sessions:

  • 24 hours of in-home organizing
  • $1440
    • 20% discount
    • Save $360

12 Sessions:

  • 36 hours of in-home organizing
  • $1890
    • 30% discount
    • Save $810

24 Sessions:

  • 72 hours of in-home organizing
  • $3240
    • 40% discount
    • Save $2160

Just want one session? 3 Hours - $225

This includes:
•Free in-home consultation to decide what customer wants and needs
•The customer is welcome to be involved in the process or may leave it to me, your choice!
•If wanted or need by customer, cleaning of the area such as dusting shelves, cleaning glass, vacuuming closet, etc
•Complete organization of desired spaces, including but not limited to kitchen, closet, office, bathroom, drawers, playroom, living room

Add-on options:
•Buying organization supplies after consultation and incorporating them into the reorganization for the customer: Customer provides a budget, and this cost is added to the total at the end of the job. (Hangers, bins, baskets, shoe racks, etc from local retailers)
•Consignment/Donation Services: For a flat rate of $40, items will be taken to Goodwill for donation and consignment stores to see what may be able to be consigned! Regardless of time or if it is one or both of these services, the fee remains $40! You don't want to be left with all the stuff you don't need anymore!

•If the customer refers me to another customer who uses my services, they get a free hour of organizing!

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