The last over four years since moving to Virginia have flown by. We've gone through a lot, but many good things have happened. When I'm not writing, I have a day job as a teacher! I taught Second Grade for four years in Ohio, and now am teaching Junior Kindergarten at a lovely, small Catholic School. 

I have such a strong passion for writing. I always have, even since I was a child in school! I've been writing for many years, and I have a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. It was definitely one of my biggest achievements, since I did an accelerated, one year program, while I was teaching full-time! During that time, I wrote a full-length screenplay. I have also written articles for a few websites, poems, most of a novel, and I really enjoy writing magazine articles. Things I enjoy and also like to write about are anything fashion, beauty, shopping, travel, faith, writing, inspiration, and education... to name a few!

Thanks for checking out my site, ya'll! That's what I'd say if I was from the south, but I'm not. I just live there! I'm Taylor, and I'm 32 years old, originally from a small town in Northern Ohio, which means I'd say something more like, "Hi guys!". I moved to Virginia four and a half years ago, when my "almost" fiance at the time got a new job. The week after I moved down, he proposed, and a year later we got married. We've been married for over three and a half years now! 

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